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Themed Stones

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Themed Crystal Gemstones

Themed semi-precious gemstone packaged with further information on the back.

Please note that the following gemstones should not be used in place of any medication or medical advice. The gemstones below have been selected as it is believed they may help with the stated situations or conditions.

See Misc section for pouches if required.  Also see Stone Sets section for chakra stones, meditation, etc.




Stock Select
Themed Crystal Gemstones Angel Power 1.25 In stock
Calming 1.25 In stock
Confidence 1.25 In stock
Courage 1.25 In stock
Energy 1.25 In stock
Friendship 1.25 In stock
Good Luck 1.25 In stock
Happiness 1.25 In stock
Health 1.25 In stock
Karma 1.25 In stock
Love 1.25 In stock
Meditation 1.25 In stock
Peace 1.25 In stock
Protection 1.25 In stock
Psychic 1.25 In stock
Relaxation 1.25 In stock
Sleep 1.25 In stock
Wealth 1.25 In stock
Weight Loss 1.25 In stock

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