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Gemstone Eggs

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Gemstone Eggs



Description Price Stock Select
Amethyst Egg Amethyst Egg

Includes stand. Approx. 50mm high

16.50 In stock
Black Obsidian Sheen Egg Black Obsidian Sheen Egg

Includes stand. Approx. 70mm high.

This 'sheen' variety from Mexico exhibits an interesting silver-grey internal sparkle when orientated in bright light.

21.95 Sold
Black Obsidian Sheen Egg

Includes stand. Approx. 60mm high

19.95 In stock
Clear Quartz Egg Clear Quartz Egg

Includes stand. Approx. 60mm high

29.95 In stock

Clear Quartz Mini Egg

Clear Quartz Mini Egg

Includes stand. Approx. 30mm high

4.95 In stock
Fluorite Egg Fluorite Egg

Mostly green. Includes stand. Approx. 50mm high

15.95 In stock
Orange Calcite Orange Calcite Egg

Includes stand. Approx. 55mm high

12.95 1 in stock
Satin Spar Gypsum Satin Spar Gypsum Egg

Includes stand. Approx. 60mm high

7.50 In stock

Snowflake Obsidian Egg

Snowflake Obsidian Egg

Includes stand. Approx. 45mm high

11.95 In stock

Gold Tiger's Eye Egg

Tiger's Eye Egg

Includes stand. Approx. 35mm high

3.95 In stock


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